Medication Therapy Management

Our pharmacists can do more than just fill your prescription; we can help you with your medications as well! We can help you to organize your medications, avoid drug side effects and interactions, understand prescription and non-prescription drugs, increase your medication knowledge, feel better about your health, and save money.

What do i have to do?

Talk to a pharmacist to schedule an appointment. This appointment is a short meeting with the pharmacist, similar to a doctor’s office visit, except the pharmacist focuses mainly on your medications. On the day of your appointment bring all of your medications including prescription, non-prescription, herbal products, and supplements as well as a list of any questions you have about your medicine or health.

what does it cost?

Your insurance may already cover this as a benefit to you. Ask the pharmacy if this is a covered service for you. If your insurance does not cover a medication therapy management appointment, ask the pharmacist about a cash price for this service.