Compliance Packaging

    • Professional Pharmacy realizes that it is difficult to keep up with multiple medications. Compliance packaging has been shown to be one of the best options to promote adherence to your medication regimen. Professional Pharmacy has the tools you need to simplify this process.

            Compliance Packaging

            Compliance Packaging Is Great for Everyone, Especially the Following:

            • Patients with cognitive impairment or trouble remembering their medications
            • Patients who take medications away from home (work, travel, etc)
            • Patients on multiple medications
            • Patients who take medications at multiple times throughout the day

                What Does Professional Pharmacy Offer?

                • Multi-dose packs: Our pharmacists will sort and separate your medications by date and time. These will be conveniently packaged for you in monthly cycles. Say goodbye to the pillbox!
                • Medication Synchronization: Our pharmacists will work to align all your refills to be completed at the same time each month. This will help you stay on track with your medication regimen, as well as decrease the number of trips that you make to the pharmacy, or the number of deliveries to your home.